Paul Malone : 00 Scale 23cms Elements

'00 Scale 23cms Elements : Neon'
Acrylic, print on acetate, Bachman fixtures

23cms length. 28 x 12 x 6 cms in case : 2016


This tanker is one of the 'Elements' series. It carries layered chemical formulae and extended names of the variety of complex molecules to be found in interstellar clouds and proto-planetary disks around new stars. As can be seen, most of these chemicals are organic in nature and represent the original building blocks of life. As such these works relate directly to the Panspermia theory of Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. This series of artworks function as a model of the night sky in the form of engineered artifacts. As such, they emulate the way that theories and concepts are constructed about remote objects and events in cosmology and associated meta-narratives.


'Elements' in this series so far: Aluminium, Argon, Barium, Calcium, Carbon, Neon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Krypton, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Oxygen, Silicon, Sodium, Strontium, Sulphur, Xenon.


Below are details of 2 of the 'Elements' class of tanker wagon. Click to expand


Aluminium (white)






Buy these artworks : £380 each
All works includes display case, hanging fixtures (rawlplugs and screws) and instructions. Postage Free.
Dimensions of case: 27 x 12 x 6 cms : 2016. Signed on the underneath + certificate of authenticity.

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Aluminium white


Aluminium black


Argon white


Argon black


Barium white


Barium black


Calcium white


Calcium black


Carbon white


Carbon black


Helium white


Helium black


Hydrogen white


Hydrogen black


Iron white


Iron black


Krypton white


Krypton black


Lithium white


Lithium black


Magnesium white


Magnesium black


Neon white


Neon black


Nitrogen white


Nitrogen black


Oxygen white


Oxygen black


Silicon white


Silicon black


Sodium white


Sodium black


Strontium white


Strontium black


Sulfur white


Sulfur black


Xenon white


Xenon black