Paul Malone : Tanker 23cms : Lists

Tanker 23cms : Lists: Nearest in museum case
Acrylic tube, print on acetate, Bachman fixtures, nickel-silver ladder and walkway
Tanker wagon 23cms length. 27 x 12 x 6 cms in museum case.


These wagons were developed around the nomenclature of interstellar environment.

Each wagon has listings of the most prominent objects of their class. Each list explores the measurement of Space in terms of its most extreme populations. The names of the objects are displayed next to graphic abstractions in scalar relationships.

This series of artworks function as a model of the night sky in the form of engineered artifacts. As such, they emulate the way that theories and concepts are constructed about remote objects, events in cosmology and associated meta-narratives.

Please see my section on Installations to see how I have approached this aspect using aerial trackways.


Brightest Stars

Nearest Stars

Reddest Stars


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