Paul Malone : Digital Prints : Journey to the Stars
'Vega v01-01inv (detail) : 2017


About the Journey to the Stars prints :

This series of prints explores a virtual journey to the stars entirely within the matrices of the computer. Starting with a standard photograph of a star, this is zoomed into as if we are traveling there. The resulting heavily pixelated image is then converted to curves and zoomed into again to reveal the sense that the computer makes of this transition. This process in effect reproduces the heavy magnification that astronomical procedures engage in during (for instance) the hunt for exo-planetary systems.


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Unique Stars

Rigel v01-04d

Sirius v01-06

Sirius v02-03

Vega v01-01

Vega v01-01inv


Stars and Fields

Star 02 v01

Star 05 v01

Star 06 v01

IC2177 v01

IC2177 v04



Pleiades 01

Pleiades 02

Pleiades 03

Pleiades 04


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These are printed A4 size on 192 gsm Epson Archival matt paper. Signed on the reverse by the artist.

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