Paul Malone : Digital Prints : Portland
'Portland 01361 detail' : 2020
About : Portland Series

These prints are based around the theme of rock strata. They are observations of a journey with my camera through the famous rock formations on the Isle of Portland, UK.

They express the mechanical complexity and underlying structures of geological systems from the Jurassic. This structure is presented as an ill fitting jigsaw of metamorphoric possibilities - ready to be physically moulded and chemically altered to encapsulate fossilized life forms from that time.

All artworks for sale: £130. Inkjet on Archival Paper. Shipping Free in the UK.

Shown here, these prints are in A3 format, and are priced to be printed inkjet on archival paper with border. As they are in vector format they can expanded to any size without degrading the image. They can also be printed commercially on acrylic faced di-bond and can be printed borderless. If you would like the image on any alternative format please get in touch for a quote before clicking on the 'buy' button.

All prints are in editions of 100 (in whatever format) and signed by the artist with a certificate of provenance.

Digital prints on this theme (click to enlarge)