Paul Malone : The Universe Electric : Talk

Above : The Centre of the Milky Way showing dark filaments. Hubble Heritage

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Discovery Centre, Basingstoke 7pm. 14th March 2019
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The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Swindon. Nov 2019. Details TBA

About the Talk :

Artist Paul Malone takes you on a unique and controversial tour of the Universe. Originally devised to introduce artists and designers to the wide range of forms inherent in plasma structures, this Talk follows contemporary speculations into the role that electro-magnetism plays in forming the objects we see in modern astronomy. It traces the history of the study of electricity in Space from Birkeland through Langmuir and Jeurgens to today's advocates and introduces the audience to the extensive array of mechanics that comprise the electric astronomer's toolbox. We briefly cover Charge Field theory (Walter Ritz d1909) and its importance in explaining quadrupole structures.

Taking the form of a journey around the Universe we first visit examples of filaments in Space and how these coalesce to light up the nebulae of the galaxy - like a giant Cathode Ray TV. We visit stellar nurseries to see how stars are born, ending this section with an overview of the Sun. Scaling down, we explore planetary atmospheres and the formation of landscapes before ending with galactic morphologies and the large scale structure of the Universe. In this section we also take a look at the practical implications of the theory in relation to nuclear fusion (Focus Fusion).

It acknowledges that these views represent a departure from the 'Standard Model' of the Universe but recognises the aspiration of its adherents to re-position astronomy on a more empirical and pragmatic footing. Most of the objects we see in Space have direct counterparts in the laboratory, common industrial processes and even the domestic kitchen.

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe”.

Paul Malone studied sculpture at Reading University and the Royal College of Art and has since exhibited extensively in the UK, USA and Europe. His studio is based at the Art in Perpetuity Trust in Deptford, London and his current work explores alternative, lost and forgotten scientific theories.




This Talk for Hire

This Powerpoint talk is available for hire for 80GBP + travel (from Greenwich, London). Free for 'not for profit' or at the artist's discretion.
For this price I supply my own laptop and projector (2500 lumens)- you will need to supply a screen or suitable wall and blacked-out space. However the talk is best seen on a large plasma screen if this is possible. My laptop has an HDMI port.

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