StreetSurfaces London Tours

Unique tours in South East London

StreetSurfaces is now conducting tours of the unique area of South Central London - namely the districts of South Bank and Bankside. These are small scale bespoke tours arranged at your convenience.

Paul studied at Reading University and the Royal College of Art in the 1970's. He now has a studio practice at the APT studios in Deptford, London.

To support his art practice he has been a milkman for the areas of South Bank and Bankside for the last 40 years. This has given him first hand witness of the many changes; from a largely derelict inner city district to the contemporary developments in architecture and planning you see today.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange to go on one of these tours.

Cost per tour (minimum £70):
Up to and including 4 people -   £20 per person
Up to and including 8 people -   £18 per person
Up to and including 12 people - £16 per person

Tours usually take 2 hours and extend for 2 miles (about 3 kms)


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Suggested Tours

All Tours start opposite the London Eye on the Promenade (see map)

Beating the Bounds

This Tour was designed for the London Festival of Architecture 2019 - 'Boundaries'

Festival of Britain site (1951)
Iconic buildings on the South Bank.
Social housing projects of the late 1800's.
Southwark: Further examples of 21st Century architecture.
Companies that service architects practices.
The 'Liberty of the Mint' - Southwark's 'Heart of Darkness'.
Pop-down ecological projects
Shakespearian George Tavern.

Electromagnetic London

This Tour forms a proposal for the London Festival of Architecture 2020 - 'Power'

This is a new Tour that roughly follows the course of the 'Beating the Bounds' tour. We will be viewing both the overt man-made connection with electo-magnetism and also manifestations of the Earth's charge field.

Heading South

This Tour formed a departure from the Architecture Foundation Tour of the South Bank

Festival of Britain site (1951)
Banksy's Tunnel
The Necropolis Railway
Social housing : Private, Council, Religious, For profit and Altruistic.
Southwark: Further examples of 21st Century architecture.
The 'Liberty of the Mint' - Southwark's 'Heart of Darkness'.
Pop-down ecological projects.
Shakespearian George Tavern.

Tracking the River

This Tour follows the basic South Bank tour but with a few twists thrown in

Festival of Britain site (1951)
Architectural icons of the South Bank
London's Bridges
Social housing v Office development
Tate Modern and contemporary housing projects
New Globe Theatre
Southwark Cathedral and London Bridge
Shakespearian George Tavern.

Greenwich Peninsula

This Tour includes most of the new developments on Greenwich Peninsula

Meet-up at North Greenwich tube station
Exit East: Historic Origins of the Peninsula
The O2 Arena. Tracking developments on the North side of the River
The new Knight Dragon developments
Optional @ £4 return: Cross the River to Trinity Bouy Wharf on the 'Predator' pilot's boat
Tour the new Design District (when open)
Follow the Thames down to the Greenwich Millennium Village
Return via Central Park and the Pilot Inn