Paul Malone : Movies : The Synaptic Sun

'The Synaptic Sun'. Still from movie. 2011

Originally made in 2006, 'The Synaptic Sun' follows the journey of a crew of genetically engineered astro-cattle to the surface of the Sun. In Electric Universe theory the photosphere of the Sun is a transition layer of neutralising anode tufts. Several thousand miles below lies a solid surface composed of calcium ferrite. This landscape is racked by electric discharges and plasma tornados and the movie describes the visionary scenes that the crew witness after being dropped through a sunspot. Parallel to this is an adventure through the bicameral mind. Synaptic metaphorical traffic is expressed in the hallucinatory interpretations of this incredible world.

This movie was selected for the 700IS Festival at Egilstaddir, Iceland in 2007


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