Paul Malone : 23cms Tankers

Tanker : 00-23-brightest-stars-4123
Acrylic tube, print on acetate, Bachman fixtures, nickel-silver ladder and walkway. 23cms length.

This series of artworks model concepts describing the night sky. They can stand as discrete entities but can also be assembled with others to produce 'trains of thought' that can participate in orreric installations. The intention is to 'model', in the literal sense, the data and associated theories using the 00 scale model railway system.

These tanker style wagons contain graphics which are generated from the respective theories. These are printed on acetate and scrolled into the acrylic tubes.

Other of the wagons contain a transport of plumbers abrasive stitched with silver wire and containing lines of metal elements and acrylic spheres. These emulate the undifferentiated structures of plasmas in preparation for their transmutation into stars and material elements. Theirs is an idealised ontology.

This is how the works look when in one of the museum boxes. Click to enlarge.

Please see my section on Installations to see how I have approached this aspect using aerial trackways.

Tankers 23cms by Type