Paul Malone : 00 Scale : 28 cms Wagons

00 Scale : 28cms wagon: Photosphere 3186 (detail)

Brass, Bachman fixtures, brass bogies, gold leaf 28 x 12 x 6 cms in museum case. 2020

About the Artworks

Displayed here a single concept wagons and motor units that can be displayed on their own or be assembled with others to produce 'trains of thought' that can participate in my orreric installations. The intention is to 'model', in a literal sense, the data and associated theories using the 00 scale model railway system. In many of the wagons are imagery to do with the implications of signal to noise extraction and amplification.

The tanker style wagons contain graphics which are generated from their respective theories. These are printed on acetate and scrolled into the acrylic tubes. Others are in the form of boxcars with texturised surfaces and relevant equations, sometimes with gold and silver leaf. Still others contain a transports stitched with silver and gold wire and containing lines of metal elements and acrylic spheres. These emulate the undifferentiated structures of plasmas in preparation for their transmutation into stars and the material elements. Theirs is an idealised ontology.

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00-28 : Photosphere 3186

00-28 : Molecular Cloud 3183

00-28 : Chlorophyll 3188

00-28 : Molecular Cloud 3191