Paul Malone : 00 Scale Triptych : Interstellar Water 3089

00 Scale Triptych : Interstellar Water 3089. (Please swipe left to see the whole work)

Acrylic, Bachman fixtures, nickel-silver ladder and walkway 82 x 12 x 6 cms in museum case. 2020

This is a 3 wagon triptych and is developed around the idea of the presence of molecular water in the interstellar environment.

Scattered between the wagons are text and graphics to do with water and its associations. Water is found everywhere in Space, both in molecular clouds and in the atmospheres of cool stars. Given that these are tanker style wagons this is appropriate. The ensemble acts as it it has traveled through one of these regions and collected water en-route. The text is masked from the imagery and then inverted.

This series of artworks function as a commentary on the methodology of contemporary scientific model-making. In that instance we have seen the inadequacies of the process multiplied by the use of supercomputers. In these works, that potential for error is overcome by the use of the phenomenology of the model railway environment and associated mechanics.

Text in tankers: Interstellar Water - H2O


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