Paul Malone : 00 Scale Triptych : List of Stars 3232

00 Scale Triptych : List of Stars 3232. (brightest, nearest, reddest) (Please swipe left to see the whole work)

Acrylic, aluminium, Bachman fixtures, graphics, nickel-silver ladder and walkway 82 x 12 x 6 cms in museum case. 2020

This is a 3 wagon triptych and is developed around the idea of the nomenclature of stars.

This artwork is based around the theme of how we classify astronomical objects. There are a near infinite way to classify stars as each is unique to itself and its origin. In this sense it could be seen as they have a distinct personality - almost human in fact. However, in the field of science it is comforting to be able to classify objects by their common characteristics. When we eventually come to travel across these interstellar distances we perhaps will discover how different their physical properties actually are. Not just the stars themselves but their retinue of exo-solar systems.

This series of artworks function as a commentary on the methodology of contemporary scientific model-making. In that instance we have seen the inadequacies of the process multiplied by the use of supercomputers. In these works, that potential for error is overcome by the use of the phenomenology of the model railway environment and associated mechanics.

Text on wagons: List of brightest stars (blue), list of nearest stars (white), list of reddest stars (red)


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