Paul Malone : 00 Scale Triptych Square : Photosphere 0130

Left view ^       '00 Scale Triptych Square : Photosphere 0130'. Brass, gold leaf, ink, nickel-silver fixtures. Click to enlarge       ^ Right view

This artwork is based around the theme of nuclear transformations in the Sun's photosphere.

Contrary to the 'Standard Model' (where the nuclear synthesis happens in the core) these transformations happen on and above the surface through the agency of solar flares. These flares are electrically driven and contain huge energies, more than enough to engage in these nuclear transformations through their Z-pinches. In this suite we see the initial syntheses of carbon and nitrogen through what is known as the CNO cycle. The triptych is made from brass with gold leaf overlay to emulate the Mediaeval interpretation of the Sun as a golden sphere.

This series of art works function as a commentary on the methodology of contemporary scientific model-making. In that instance we have seen the inadequacies of the process multiplied by the extensive use of computers. In these works, that potential for error is overcome by the use of the phenomenology of the model railway environment and associated mechanics.

Text on wagons: 13N13CeVe - 13CH14N - 12C1H14N

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00 Scale Triptych Square : Photosphere 0130


All works include artwork in display case, Certificate of Provenance, hanging fixtures (screw spacer, rawlplugs and screws) and instructions. Postage Free.
Dimensions of case: 30 x 30 x 8cms : 2021. Signed on the underneath of the wagons and also front and reverse of box.

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