Paul Malone : 00 Scale Installation : Cereal City

Shooting footage for 'Cereal City'. Shown as part of 'Plat du Jour' The Streaming Festival, The Hague, NL. 2011

This was an installation that resolved into a series of movies. Utilising the packaging from a year's consumption of cereals the trackway threaded through an extended architectural construct revealing glimpses of the surroundings and also a performance by the artist. This was reflected in sheets of mirror Melanex which distorted the appearance and movements. The giant hands intervene to correct the running of the train around the track and as if choreographing its movements. This is an example of the use of the 75 cms tanker wagons that were otherwise displayed in museum cases.

Further movies had the interior of the 'city' illuminated by LEDs either static within the construction or carried on the train as it sped headlong through the tunnels. From time to time the hands of the artist would appear descending from apertures in the roof. Later versions of this movie were processed into abstract interpretations of the motion through colour.

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Cereal City (Plat du Jour)


Cereal City (Blur Train)


Cereal City (Night Cereal)