Paul Malone : 00 Scale : Foolish Perses
Foolish Perses

In an earlier (2010) manifestation the text 'Foolish Perses' from Hesiod's 'Works and Days' was towed around the track at the Centre for Creative Collaboration facility at the University of London.

'The Inconstant Heavens'. The Centre for Creative Collaboration, King's Cross, London. 2010 'Foolish Perses' running on aerial trackway.

This installation was designed to inhabit the front foyer space at the C4CC centre, University of London. It closely followed the floor plan of the room but also had an elevated siding area to park alternative philosophies over the doors to the interior of the building. Circulating around the trackway was a train with the 'Hesiod : Foolish Perses' text, as a commentary on the nature of playfulness in art, science and encounters with model-making.

Work the work that the gods ordained for men,
lest in bitter anguish of thumos
seek your livelihood amongst your neighbours,
and they heed you not

On the wall by the window was a small screen showing footage of views from a camera as it was towed around the track. By the same wall was a folder with the text from the essay. Beyond the windows and in a cutting below were the tracks of the London Underground.