Paul Malone : 00 Scale : Terminus (Erased Walls)

Location : ConcentArt Gallery, Berlin. As part of the Erased Walls Project 2010.

Terminus is about the end of the line and a new adventure... This movie introduces a sequence of encounters between walls, destruction and the 00 scale model railway environment.

In order to compile the movie I had to create an environment at the APT gallery in London, with projections of walls that I had filmed previously in the Bankside area of London. The camera on the model railway captures these incidentally as it passes.

Quote from the catalogue : The movie starts and ends with a scene of peaceful devastation, populated by the random entrance and exit of its avian inhabitants. In the central developmental section, the movie migrates to the interior of a vacant gallery space. Projected onto the walls are a series of movie clips of walls and tunnels dissolving into daylight. This sequence is re-viewed from the aspect of a camera mounted on a model train, as it twists and turns across the floor. This 'dream' sequence is augmented by the appearance of a pair of giant feet that proceed to engage in pursuit.

Terminus (2014 remaster)

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Stills from the movie (click to enlarge) :

Terminus (2014 remaster)