Paul Malone : Celestial Mechanics 25-04

'Celestial Mechanics 25-04' Acrylic, acrylic paint, pencil, fixtures. (click to enlarge)
This is a four layer perspex sandwich with a 5th layer functioning as a hanging plate. The piece is held together with 4 hex bolts The whole is contained in a bespoke acrylic box with a simple hanging arrangement at the rear.

Each of the translucent layers functions as a carrier of imagery connected to how interstellar space is suffused with photons. These particles are usually associated with light but they can also engage in their own substantiation through recycling within material objects - stars, planets, nebulae, etc.. These are here represented by inserts within the layers themselves.

This series of artworks function essentially as a mechanics of the night sky and presented in the form of an engineered artifact. As such, they emulate the way that theories and concepts are constructed about remote objects and events in cosmology and associated meta-narratives.

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Investigations of the Object (click to enlarge)

Exterior dimensions of acrylic box 30x30x8cms. Weight 2kg.
Easy hanging system to rear (see maintenance page). 2x rawlplugs and matching screws supplied. Self hanging instructions.
All parts replaceable / repairable
Comes with certificate of ownership