Paul Malone : Digital Prints : Winter Tree
'Winter Tree 02508-03' detail : 2020
About : Winter Tree series

These prints are based around the theme of filtered light. In this case the light is from a rainy overcast day filtered through the branches of a winter tree. The light appears to break up the substance of the tree into geometric shapes adopting a 'voids and forms' interplay.

They express the mechanical complexity and underlying structures of light and substance, here presented as an ill fitting jigsaw of photonic possibility.

Technically the images are processed using 'signal to noise' extraction frequently found in astronomical image manipulation. This gives them the fragmented appearance you see as the computer is making assumptions based on inadequate resolution.

All artworks for sale.

As they are in vector format, they can expanded to any size without degrading the image. They can also be printed in high resolution on acrylic faced di-bond and are usually printed borderless. If you would like to see the prices and options visit WhiteWall to see what is available. Please get in touch with me once you have an idea or would like any assistance.       

The price is my artist's fee of £250 per print plus the cost of fabrication and any postage.
As an example (2020 prices) a standard acrylic faced dibond print that is 120 x 80 cms will cost as follows:
£260 + Postage about £15 + artist fee £250 = £525.

All prints are in editions of 30 (in whatever format) and signed (or with an embedded watermark) by the artist with a certificate of provenance. Each edition is a separate image file with the edition number embedded.

Digital prints on this theme (click to enlarge)