Paul Malone : Earth, Air, Water and Human Intervention
'Earth, Air, Water and Human Intervention' : Installation, 'Terra Incognita', Atelier WG, Amsterdam. 2006

'Earth, Air, Fire and Human Intervention' consists of 4 acrylic boxes suspended on the wall with 4 CD players above. The CDs have been recorded with the sounds of Air and Water and footfalls along a shingle beach as the Earth. The fourth player contains sounds of clanking of the masts of yachts at a marina in a strong wind - an element of human intervention. All these sounds are looped. This installation was placed at the top of a 4 storey stairwell so resonates in the 20+ metre column of air.

Progressing up the stairs were 3D anaglyph images of places devoid of planetary identification. The visitors could view these with red-blue glasses as they advanced towards the sounds.

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