Paul Malone : Synaptic Moment

'Tenous Life Forms' : 3D anaglyphs projected through prepared lensed halogen devices : 2004

Synaptic Moment was an exhibition held at the APT Gallery in 2004 as a collaboration between Paul Malone and the sound artist Rob Grant. It consisted of a landscape environment of projected 3D anaglyphs by Paul and a complimentary soundscape within the space by Rob. The images were drawn from locations devoid of planetary identification and were meant to emulate the landscapes as if seen (for instance) from the Spirit and Opportunity Rovers then operating on the surface of Mars. Rob's soundscapes were based on mathematical sequences and drew inspiration from the works of Xenakis, amongst others.

See the archived microsite here : Synaptic Moment


Details - top right Paul Malone, Nicola Rae, Lawrence Noga and Jeff Dellow: (click to enlarge)

Paul Malone, Nicola Rae, Lawrence Noga and Jeff Dellow