Paul Malone : Molecular Cloud Installation 02
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A view of the Installation

'Molecular Cloud Installation 02' : Installation at the G.P. Studios, Bankside, London. 2016 : Recycled insulation board, plywood, operating 00 scale tanker wagons


This is a condensed version of the extended installation I did for the A.P.T. Open Studios in 2015. It is essentially an inversion of that piece but retains its identity as one of my 'cosmological conceits'. What was interesting about this installation is that it co-exists with the everyday elements of the street. Pedestrians and vehicles come and go as if in a complementary mirror image of the dynamics of the installation. As an additional dimension to the piece; the installation is positioned under an actual railway line, the sounds of which can be heard on the movie sound track.

This installation seeks to re-assemble the theoretic elements of an interstellar molecular cloud in terms of the model-making experience. Central to the installation is a horizontal box made out of recycled insulating boards, interstellar in its appearance and floating out into the space. This element acts both visually and structurally to support an 00 scale trackway that orbits the cloud.

Pursuing this orbit is a model train composed of three of my tanker wagons (See Here) displaying the chemical formulae of molecules that can be found within these clouds. They are often complex in nature, including many aromatic hydrocarbons and other unusual organic compounds. Their names are often strange and wonderful and add a poetic element to the piece. With every circuit, the train of chemicals 'disappears' into the cloud, only to reappear on the opposite side as if re-charged anew with molecules.



Images of the Installation (click to enlarge)