Paul Malone : The Photonic Sea
'The Photonic Sea'

Installation : At the 'Telluric Currents' project space; NOF Landscape exhibition. The Provender Building, Camden, London. May 2018 Projection on to plastic roofing sheet, fixtures


In this installation 'The Photonic Sea', 8 pale blue roofing sheets are wrapped into structural elements and illuminated by the imagery of a violent sea crashing on a rocky shore. The waves translate through the columns into moving rings of light that traverse up the height of the columns and also left to right. The effect is as if the columns are responding to the photonic charge field of the Earth, though translated by the sea.

In fair weather, between the soles of your feet and the top of your head is a potential difference of 200 volts. This installation explores the interaction of the Earth's photonic charge field by diplaying this field through the agency of common everyday materials. It is these base level infra-red photons that act as the field upon which electro-magnetics are manifest; entering at the Earth's poles (inducing the aurorae) and thrown out by centrifugal force at the tropics to generate the deserts. Through this field they convey ions which enable the multitude of electro-magnetic phenomena we see in the atmosphere and in the morphologies of the Earth itself.

Movie of the Installation

Images of the Installation (click to enlarge)

Display side




Projection side