Paul Malone : Walkthrough
'Walkthrough' Movie Box : at the 'Permittivity of Free Space' exhibition, London. July 2018. Plywood Box and TV

'WalkThrough' consists of a vertically orientated TV screen embedded in a mobile box. Because of its orientation it naturally reflects whatever is above it in its location. Being on wheels, there is the assumption that its state of potential is that of free movement. And indeed this is the case; but not all of the time. To make up, this potential is transferred to the content displayed on the screen. This consists of a 'walk-through' of the gallery and its immediate environment, with the camera pointing vertically in emulation of the reflection on the glass.

However, this formal equivalence is not quite the whole story. Of course, here is not just any kind of space but an art gallery. There have been art works that analyse the relationship of art objects to the context of the gallery but 'WalkThrough' attempts a synthetic on this theme. The box itself has a surface that subverts its construct (though never completely disguising it) through an a-gravitational patina of white and gold powder.

The movie is not a direct observation of what the camera sees but is a cartoon interpretation; as if hinting at a simpler narrative. What appears to be an exercise in the self-referential reinterprets instead into the permittivity of metaphor.

Movie of the Installation

As displayed on the TV screen

Images of the Object (click to enlarge)

movie stills below