Paul Malone : The Photonic Ocean

'Photonic Ocean' Projection, plastic roofing sheet. 500 x 240 x20 cms: 'Our Connection to Water' National Maritime Museum,Greenwich, London. March 2023 to Jan 2024.
About the Artwork

The work in this exhibition is titled ‘The Photonic Ocean’ and is made from corrugated roofing sheets formed into tubes. These act as a 5 mtr wide screen onto which are projected moving blades of light.

The viewer is invited to descend into the realms of the bioluminescent and experience the way the oceans respond to the Earth’s particulate aether field. The projection loops for 20 minutes.

In this installation, blades of coloured light explore the screen of tubes which are in the movie format 16:9. The projector is angled up at 45 degrees to give a series of ovals that travel up and down the tubes in overlapping layers.

This piece exemplifies the flow of particulate aether from the Earth; levitating clouds and aircraft, stabilizing its orbit and driving the Earth's climate.

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Link to 'Our Connection to Water'

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