Paul Malone : Boxworks

above : Boxworks at the Harriet Green Gallery, Soho, London. 1995

These are a selection of the boxworks that I made during the 1990s. These cover my time at the studio at South Street, Greenwich and into my time at the Art in Perpetuity Trust studios in Deptford.

In these works I was continuing my exploration of the transmutation of material through the modification of its surfaces. In this case the objects are made with constructed and moulded plywood and the surfaces painted conventionally with acrylic. I was interested in 'how to paint a box'. What are you describing when you paint a surface such as a canvas or panel?

In these works there is apparently something within the interiors that can be expressed externally - i.e. sections of geology, cross-sections of stars and planets and sections of the sky. Of course this is speculation, the same as that of the interior of the Sun or the magnetic generators of the interior of the Earth. Some of these works are composites and these were attempts to aggregate these disparate allusions into a synthetic structure.


Blue Zenith Black Wave 4 Sky Waves Mud Wave Blue Gate Fast Pod
Turquoise Gate Solar Wave Crossover Fruiting Body 2 Tharsis Ridge Chalk + Sea
Chalk Horizons Stellar Alchemy Down to the Sea