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  Boiled Egg 03: Still from movie. (link)
Welcome to the Paul Malone artist's website

This website is organised in a series of catalogues and project websites providing an overview of my artwork over the past 45 years.

Below you can find catalogues and sub-catalogues showing the artworks that I am currently engaged in, other domains and a sequence of archive material arranged by date and type. My art as a whole covers a range of techniques from extended installations to digital movies and machined artefacts.

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What's On :

Exhibitions :
Open Studio (G4). APT 6 Creekside SE84SA
21/22-09-24. 1-5pm (link)

Curating :

Events :
1)Open House tour of South Bank and Bankside. Icons and Back streets. (link)
2)'Beyond the Skin'. Markers 24th Anniversary at the Venice Biennale. Giudecca, Venice.
September 2024.

Just Missed :
1)'Our Connection to Water'. Maritime Museum, Greenwich. March 31st 2023 and until 25/02/2024. Link
2) 'Valency' APT Gallery, 6 Creekside SE8 4SA. 23 Nov to 3 Dec 2023. 1-6 pm. PV 23 Nov 6-8 pm. Fund our Exhibition! (link)
3) 'Archivum'. June - Aug 2023. Lipani Gallery - Fordham University, New York. (link)


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