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Still from 'Lighthouse' 2017

About the Movies:

Although interested in the possibilities of the medium for several years, I only bought my first movie camera in 2006 and editing software later that year. This meant that I missed the formative experience of handling celluloid film and went straight into teaching myself within the digital environment. With the limited means at my disposal I set about seeing what was possible with my miniature camera and a 'lite' version of Premier. I was also conscious that I needed to pursue a parallel interest in how these movies were to be disseminated. These were the early days of internet TV and I set up my own Channel - Ottica TV - in 2008 to explore this potential.

These movies are divided into several strands; experiments with my digital camera, placing it in unlikely environments and recording conditions, narratives composed of elements of footage from my travels and observations from within my art projects and studio practice. These frequently merge into one other and into other aspects of my art practice (for instance the 00 scale installations) acting as a drawing facility to illuminate concepts.




Current (2015 to 2018)



Aquaglyph 01

Spectral Wall


Turbine Horizon


Given the Sun


A Mythology of Mud

Ship 06 (Kilve)

Saint Elmo's Fire

Towing the Moon

Spectral Spectrum 01

Ship (series)


Aphrodite Anadyomene

Consensus Science

The Great Arc

First Light OQC





Petroglyphs (series)

The Essential Saltes

Protoplasmic Ocean

Besides Influenza

Saturn Theory

Aphrodite Urania

Train Time

The Synaptic Sun

Heavenly Hydrocarbons