Paul Malone : Projects and Installations

'Particulate Aether Detector'. Periastra, London 2022

About the Projects:

This catalogue contains links to some of the extended projects that I have been involved with. These include site-specific works, works to brief and those not easily classified. Though not exclusively so; most of these pieces observe the protocol of using everyday, recycled and discarded materials in pursuit of cosmological lines of enquiry.

More contemporary iterations of my projects explore the mechanics of how the charge field works - i.e. the underlying ether of the electromagnetic field and its effects in the macro world. This is mostly exemplified by the blue columns that appear from time to time.

They are installed in different classes of location. For instance many of the railway works are try-outs in the studio prior to exhibiting in a public place. Others are designed specifically for a particular site. In engaging in these remote projects the logistics of expediting and construction are part of the creative process.

Multiple iterations of my 00 scale orreries are featured in this section.

Chemistry of the Hadesphere
Valency, London 2023

Orrery S4716
Open Studios 2023

Photonic Ocean 2023
Maritime Mus., London 2023

Equinoctial Orrery 2022
'Open Studio', London 2022

Photonic Phorest 2022
Enfield Winter Lights, London

Particulate Aether Detector
Periastra Exhibition 2022

Mud Coral Camouflage
Creative Reactions Brazil 2021

Particulate Aether 01
'Night Watch' London 2021

Beware Genetic Chicks 2021
'Deptford X', London 2021

Solar Portal
Project Portal, London 2021

Photosynthetic Orrery
Chlorophilia, London 2020

Virus Relic
Transmission, London 2020

Tao Tie Building
San Jose USA 2020

Ionic Moon
Lumen Crypt, London 2020


Archive (pre-2020)


Solar Wind Orrery
Immiscibiliti, London 2019

Transmutation Orrery
APT Open Studios 2019

The Photonic Earth
Lumen Projects London 2019

Permittivity London 2018

Towing the Stars
APT Open Studios 2018

The Photonic Sea
Camden, London 2018

Interstellar Water
APT Open Studios 2017

Interstellar Orbit (aptos 2016)
London 2016

Molecular Cloud 02
London 2016

Molecular Cloud 01
London 2015

Plurality of Worlds
London 2014

Pixels into Stars
London 2014

Genetic Chicks
London 2012

Perduto Padre
Trieste 2011

Chalk Quarry 1977
'Invaluble' London 2011


Archive (pre-2011)


London 2011

Blue Z-Pinch
Parma 2008

The K Effect
Amsterdam 2007

Earth, Air, Fire, Human..
Amsterdam 2006

Synaptic Moment
London 2004

Plasma Rainbow Stream
ColourSpace, London 2003

Aero City
Deptford X, London 2005

Fallen Angel
Deptford X, London 2000