Paul Malone : The Tao Tie Building a museum of the photon

'Tao Tie Building' Plans for the San Jose Urban Confluence commission. 2020.
About the Project

This project was an entry for the San Jose Urban Confluence competition in 2020, The brief was for a new 'Light Tower' that was destroyed in the city in 1915.

My entry was based on a sculpture I made in 1983 called Tao Tie 3, The form was based on the opposing dragon faces found in early Chinese ceramics. However it goes further to describe elements of quantum theory and the patterns of Islamic architecture.

The design was not just a monument but a facility that could operate as a 'museum of light' - its history, theories and uses. Unfortunately the project did not win the competition.

You can see the whole project in the pdf below.

It is in the format of 2x A3 panels.