Paul Malone : Celestial Mechanics

Detail of the hanging system and acrylic 'sandwich' of CM25-02

About Celestial Mechanics:

The ideas for these pieces centre around astronomy and the optical presence of the night sky. As the name suggests, this series of artworks assembles sections of Interstellar Space as a mechanical construct. Informing and inspiring these works are alternative, lost and forgotten scientific theories. The topographies are often outlined with negative curvatures as if the works were carved by counter-rotating vortices (Birkeland currents). This morphology is reminiscent of the high energy plasma conditions exhibited within an electric Universe. When these are placed together in assemblages, they can encompass voids of equal volume.

In the later works these issues resolved themselves into different active layers, one containing ionic elements - painted discs resembling the views through telescopes of distant nebulae or reinterpreted as quantum particles. Other layers express the flow of charge photons that underlie the physical existence of the material world. These elements exemplify the repulsion of the electro-magnetic field and the equivalence of gravity as a real expansion. These wholes are immersed in array of photonic allusion. In this respect they reflect on the Charge Field theories of Walther Ritz, Miles Mathis and others.

These are essentially 'maps' that guide and navigate through the Universe but are informed by particular theoretical perspectives. As such they are maps of synaptic illumination as much as of starlight.

On the whole, they are fabricated as multi-faceted acrylic (Plexiglas) 'sandwiches' of clear, opaque and coloured layers with embedded elements made out of painted and graphic layers. These are bolted together using nickel 'hex' bolts flush with the surface. They also form part of the hanging structure that spaces the pieces about 4cms from the enclosure. This hanging layer integrates visually with the piece and is mounted using white nylon spacers and disc head screws.

Under specific lighting conditions (i.e.halogen) light transmits through certain of the pieces and falls in colours and patterns of shadow on the wall. The edges of the layers are sanded to a diffuse finish to generalise the internal reflections. From sunlight to multi-spotlights, all these properties change as the lighting source is altered. Some of the surfaces are inscribed with interlocking patterns and are painted with french enamel and acrylic.

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Celestial Mechanics : 25cms. Theis series consists of unique hand made prototypes. All these works are for sale.










Celestial Mechanics : 50x50cms and 50x100cms




Celestial Mechanics : approx 100cms