Paul Malone : 00 Scale Movies

'Cereal City : Blur'. Still

The 00 Scale movies are a series of experiments making use of an extended 'dolly track' set around my studio in Deptford and other locations. I am able to bring in various elements and effects as the camera scans the localised environment. Although these are often working environments, I am interested in developing a series of scale dependent narratives that project these situations into a surrealist context.

There are dream-like sequences that recall what it would be like to be one of the many small animals that I frequently see scurrying around the space - especially at night. These is also a sense of continuous movement, a 'perpetuum mobile' within the movies, as if the exploration of these spaces is a sequence of unstoppable motions. In some of the movies I intervene in the form of giant feet or hands. Sometimes this is to correct some derailment or other disaster or alternatively to give pursuit to the camera.


Cereal City PdJ

Train Time

Cereal City Blur

Cereal City Night


Footfall Railroad

Night Train

Studio Railroad 01

Studio Railroad 02