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Still from 'Pool at the World's End' 2020

About the Movies: (see below for the movie catalogue)

My interest in movies as part of my art practice started in 2006 when I bought my first camera - a Sony mini-DV recorder. I would take it whenever I was visiting interesting places and try out different methods of recording and editing. Making these movie shorts act like a sketchbook to try out different visual ideas. I often incorporate them into installations and environments.



Notes to Movies

Note 01: Since the migration to Vimeo in 2019... If you are playing the Movies in Full Screen, then to navigate back to this page you will need to press the ESC button (on your keyboard) and then the BACK button (on the browser).

Note 02: Beneath each title is the runtime then the features in the movie as follows: Dr = Drone, Mu = Music, TTS = Text to Speech, Fx = Special effects, Aw = Art Works, My = Gaelic + other mythologies, Sc = Science, 4K = Available in 4K

Movie Posters

Some of these movies have been made into movie posters which are available for sale - A3 on archival paper - £130 each signed. Click Below



Current (2020 - on)


Gravesend Ship White
02:30. Mu,Fx,4K

Gravesend Ship Blue
02:30. Mu,Fx,4K

Corpuscular Moon 01
01:30. Mu,Fx,Sc,4K

Mackerel Scintillation
02:20. Mu,Fx,Sc,4K

Liquid Forest 083
01:20. Mu,Fx,Sc,4K

Liquid Sky 102
01:20. Mu,Fx,Sc,4K

Liquid Sky 098
01:50. Mu,Fx,Sc,4K

Liquid Architecture 01
01:34. Mu,Fx,4K

Photon Cloud 01
01:34. Mu,Fx,Sc,4K

Journey to the Chromosphere
01:34. Mu,Fx,Sc

Pool at the World's End
01:40. Dr,Mu,Fx,Sc

Cumulus World
02:20. Mu,Fx,Sc

Cirrus World
01:00. Mu,Fx,Sc

Ping Pong Electron
02:00. Mu,Fx,Sc

Besides Influenza
02:30. Mu,Fx,TTS,Sc


Current (2015 to 2019)


Planet Ship
01:45. Mu,Fx

Comet Turbine
01:00. Mu,Fx

Planet Turbine 719
01:00. Mu,Fx

02:24. Mu,Fx

Electrical ... Hybrasil
02:19. Mu,Fx,My

Biology of the Sun
02:05. Mu,Fx

Foggy Jetty
01:53. Mu

Origin of Clouds
04:00. Mu,Fx, TTS, My

Skip to Shore
01:00. Mu

Photonic Tree
02:28. Mu,Fx

Wrack Fossilisation
03:14. Mu,Fx,TTS,My

The Iconic Moon
04:09. Mu,Fx,Aw

First Light Revisited
05:50. Mu,Fx,TTS,My

Ship 07
01:45. Mu,Fx

Radar Waves
01:00. Mu,Fx

Spectral Tripod
02:50. Mu,Fx

01:00. Mu,Fx

Mast Geometri
01:45. Mu,Fx

Turbine Horizon 02
03:14. Mu,Fx

Photon Mirror
02:14. Mu,Fx,TTS,My

Jelly Genetics
02:30. Mu,Fx

03:00. Mu,Fx,My

Aquaglyph 01
01:40. Mu,Fx

Spectral Wall
03:00. Mu

03:00. Mu,Fx

Turbine Horizon 01
03:30. Mu,Fx

02:23. Mu,Fx

Given the Sun
01:43. Mu,Fx,TTS,Sc

01:00. Mu,Fx, Aw

A Mythology of Mud
04:40. Mu,Fx,TTS,My

Ship 06 (Kilve)
03:30. Mu,Fx

Saint Elmo's Fire
02:30. Mu,Fx,TTS,My

Towing the Moon
03:30. Mu,Fx

Spectral Spectrum 01
06:40. Mu

Ship (series)
01:00 var. Mu,Fx


Aphrodite Anadyomene

Consensus Science

The Great Arc

First Light OQC





Petroglyphs (series)

The Essential Saltes

Protoplasmic Ocean

Besides Influenza

Saturn Theory

Aphrodite Urania

Train Time

The Synaptic Sun

Heavenly Hydrocarbons