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  Boiled Egg 03: Still from movie. (link)
Welcome to the Paul Malone artist's website

This website is organised in a series of catalogues and project websites providing an overview of my artwork over the past 45 years.

Below you can find catalogues and sub-catalogues showing the artworks that I am currently engaged in, other domains and a sequence of archive material arranged by date and type. My art as a whole covers a range of techniques from extended installations to digital movies and machined artefacts.

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What's On :

Exhibitions :
1) 'Our Connection to Water'. Maritime Museum, Greenwich. March 31st 2023 and until 25/02/2024. Link

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Events :

Just Missed :
1) 'Valency' APT Gallery, 6 Creekside SE8 4SA. 23 Nov to 3 Dec 2023. 1-6 pm. PV 23 Nov 6-8 pm. Fund our Exhibition! (link)
2) APT Open Studios (Studio G4). 23/24 Sept. 12-5pm (link)
3) 'Archivum'. June - Aug 2023. Lipani Gallery - Fordham University, New York. (link)
4) BOLOHO Collective. The Boloho Series. CEAC Xiamen, China. Throughout 2023 (link)
5) BOLOHO Collective screening. 24th Nov (link). Moving in exhibition form to Xiamen 2023 TBA (link)


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