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  The Photonic Phorest, installation, Enfield Winter Lights 2022. (link)
Welcome to the Paul Malone artist's website

This website is organised in a series of catalogues and project websites providing an overview of my artwork over the past 45 years.

Below you can find catalogues and sub-catalogues showing the artworks that I am currently engaged in, other domains and a sequence of archive material arranged by date and type. My art as a whole covers a range of techniques from extended installations to digital movies and machined artefacts.

I have always been interested in how the physical world comes to be; how it originates and what is its relationship to consciousness. In pursuing this research I have explored many historic, lost and forgotten theories of science and natural philosophy; especially so in astrophysics. My extended artworks use common everyday materials and the art objects are assembled with a view to mechanics and engineering. This pragmatic approach counters what could otherwise stray into the metaphysical, given the concepts that I engage with.

With the movies, they act like a digital sketchbook. Often just a few minutes in length they elaborate on phenomena that are observed in the natural world. As such they act as source material for my other art projects and installations.

I studied Fine Art at Reading University for B.A. Degree in 1976 and MFA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 1980. My current studio practice is based at the Art in Perpetuity Studios in Deptford. From this base I have exhibited extensively worldwide and originated curatorial projects, some of which can be seen on my website.

What's On :

Exhibitions :
1) 'Archive' Online project
BALCONY International Network of Curators (link)

Events :
1) APT Open Studios. 17-18 September. 6 Creekside SE8 4SA

Curating :

Just Missed :
1) 'The Cure is worse than the (alleged) Disease'. Secret Gallery, 28 Cheshire St., London E2 6EH
12th to 18th May (link)
2) Enfield Winter Lights
Opening 26th Feb then thro March
Unit 16, Enfield Shopping Centre
3)'Periastra'. APT Gallery, Deptford, London 3rd to 20th Feb 2022 (link)

4) 'Night Watch' APT Yard Dec 2021 (link)

Website :
12/21 New Projects and updated CV


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