Paul Malone : 00 Scale Installations

'Solar Wind'. 'Immiscibiliti', APT Gallery, London. 2019.

These pages show examples of installations using my 00 scale railway format. Mostly, these take the form of aerial orreries around which run elements that could best be described as 'trains of thought'. These are trains of wagons that can be seen in my triptych and 28 cms sections.

In general these contained concepts to do with astronomy and associated science. In the course of making these installations I was presented with a fair amount of technical problems which I am only now beginning to resolve. Though the engineering is fun to do!

Embedded within these projects are movies that are made specifically for the installation or documenting the installation once it is in operation. I have a small Go-Pro that I use to travel with the train as it goes around in its orbit. This gives the viewer an on-board experience which can also be transmitted to a nearby screen.

In later iterations, the engine itself is fabricated and participates in the overall look of the train.


Solar Wind Orrery 2019

Transmutation Orrery 2019

Towing the Stars 2018

Interstellar Water 2017

Interstellar Orbit 2016

Molecular Cloud 02 2016

Molecular Cloud 01 2015

Inconstant Heavens 2012

Kinetica 2012

Cereal City 2011

Terminus 2010

Foolish Perses 2010

Climate Model No2 2008